Tuesday, October 21, 2008


Ardabot4j is an open source autonomous vehicle controller written in Java created to work in the simulated environment USARSim. USARSim also aimed to provide robot developers with basic sensor, visualization, mapping features that sits on top of the popular game Unreal Tournament 2004 physical engine.
Ardabot4j project started as an assignment for Autonomous Robots class.

Ardabot4j is mainly written to work in DM-ARDA map which is a facsimile of the DARPA Urban Challange environment. We installed (soft-install, through a config file) a Tarantula 3D laser scanner which supplied us 3D range data. We then applied vertical scanline detection algorithm to define landmarks which in turn were used to map the environment. Then, using this map, the bot was able to navigate its environment.

Ardabot4j features include a Driver UI which also lets the user drive manually, and lets user observe vertical scanline algorithm at work, real-time. User can toggle scanline visualization on and off using the c key. For manual driving, the keys are e for forward, x for stop, f for right steering and a for left steering.

In Auto-Drive mode, Ardabot4j will take over control of the vehicle and start identifying navigatable locations. These targets will be shown in MapUI visually in green.


In order to install Ardabot4j, you must have Unreal Tournament 2004, USARSim and DM-ARDA map installed. See this documentation for more details. Then, in UT2004\System\USARBot.ini file, you make following changes:
Then, through Ant, you can fire up the UI using ant gui that will automatically connect to localhost port 3000. It is recommended you develop with UT/USARSim in server mode as seen below because gaming mode with full blown view (even when minimized) would eat up too much of your CPU processing power.
ucc server DM-Arda_250?game=USARBot.USARDeathMatch?imeLimit=0?GameStats=False
-ini=USARSim.ini -log=usar_server.log