Tuesday, October 21, 2008

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Ardabot4j is an open source autonomous vehicle controller written in Java to work in the simulated environment USARSim.


CmuCam4J aimed to create a bridge between AWT-independent image processing, JavaComm and J2ME. It's written to run on the JStamp board which carries a pure Java chip that is able to run Java bytecodes natively. The final code is able to interface to the CmuCam camera using JavaComm, convert the incoming data into a Java matrix which can then be processed by using image processing classes.


Monitor4jmx lets administrators and users of J2EE systems to monitor and observe a JMX enabled system through a easy-to-use user interface. Monitor4jmx can dynamically discover and inspect all MBeans and attributes on these MBeans on a server dynamically at runtime and offer this list for threshold monitoring to the administrator. The attributes selected by the administrator can then be recorded along with a user specified threshold value, which can then be watched by Monitor4jmx continously at certain intervals. Current MBean values are polled continously to find out if any threshold conditions are violated.

Presentations Using LaTeX

The templates shared here are based on the Power4 project kindly shared by Technische Universitat Darmstadt. We made some macro/shortcut additions on this package based on our intensive use of it for educational material preparation.

libSVM Wrapper

Here is a nice little Java wrapper for the libSVM package. libSVM allows reading from file format, our interface allows you to take in array based values and pass them on to libSVM. You can call the code like this;
SVM svm = new SVM();

double [] labels = {1,1,-1,-1};
double [][] values = {{2,2},{4,4},{10,10},{15,15}};
svm.train(labels, values);

double [] test = {13,13};

There is more on Github.


Ömer PETEK said...

i saw that there is a code everywhere which creates a matris with -1 s and 1 s. and named target matris. what is our target while creating it.

i wrote this codes for svm with c.


int main(int multiclass_type, int nr_class, int **&I)


int nr_binary=nr_class;
int i,j;
for(i=0; i<nr_binary; i++)
I[i]=(int* )malloc(sizeof(nr_binary));
for(j=0; j<nr_binary; j++)
I[i][j] = -1;
I[i][i] = 1;


Burak Bayramli said...

Which file, project are you talking about? I could not see the usage you mention, not in my part of the code, isoletsvm, that is. SVMLight codebase does not belong to me, you should contact the author if you have questions on that one. Also, Turkish is prefered on this site, if possible. Regards